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 Classifieds is a privately owned Australian website which caters to the general online classified ad market across Australia.It first started offering classifieds to students at several universities in the state of Victoria, but the site gained a greater exposure and now offers classifieds Australia wide. We aim to provide a simple no-cost medium through which users may browse and advertise goods and services for sale through classified ads grouped into categories and by geographical areas. These classified categories can be easily searched and viewed by any user, registered or unregistered. Only registered user are able to post ads on our classifieds system, thus if you are interested in posting classifieds online you must complete our Classified Ads user register form. It is absolutely free to register with We charge no fees or commissions to post your classifieds on our site. The value to users lies in being able to buy or sell their goods and services without incurring extra costs such as commissions or advertising rates through a very simple and user friendly website, and being able to advertise to a wide audience Australia wide. The website also sells display ads to other businesses and sponsors.  So why not take advantage of the advertising power classified ads can offer to you, no matter if you are a business or personal user wishing to buy or sell your goods online, get a better exposure online and find whatever you are looking for here at Free Online Classifieds.

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